2024 Submission Requirements

Submissions are now closed for the 2023 National Magazine Awards: B2B.

How to Submit Your Entries

When preparing your entries, please follow these instructions carefully, and please refer to the specific category for which you’re submitting.

For the 2022-2023 season, NO HARD COPIES are required. All entry materials can be uploaded to our online portal. 

For instructions on compressing PDF files, click here. To compress your PDF using Adobe’s online tool, click here.

Writing Awards¬†(Categories 1‚Äď8)

Please upload:

  • PDF* of each entry in its entirety.

*PDFs must be printable on Letter-size paper (8.5 by 11 inches or 215.9 by 279.4 mm). Do NOT submit double-page spreads for any writing awards. Please ensure that all text is no closer than 0.5 inces from the page’s edge.

Best Photograph and Best Illustration¬†(Categories 9‚Äď10)

Please upload:

  • PDF of each entry in its entirety (double page spreads accepted).
Best Editorial (Category 11)

Please upload:

  • PDF of the editorial or the series.
Best Art Direction: Single Article or Opening Spread (Category 12)

Please upload:

  • PDF version of each entry in its entirety (double page spreads accepted)
Best Cover (Category 13)

Please upload:

  • PDF of the cover to be judged.
Best Art Direction of a Complete Issue (Category 14)

Please upload:

  • PDF of the cover of the issue;
  • PDF of the issue to be judged.
Best Issue (Category 15)

Please upload: 

  • PDF of the cover of the issue;
  • PDF of the issue to be judged;
  • PDF of a cover letter (maximum 400 words) providing context for the issue.
Best Publisher (Category 16)

Please upload:

  • PDF of the cover of any issue published in 2023;
  • The publication‚Äôs editorial mandate and the target audience;
  • PDF with embedded links of all the digital platforms, as well as a detailed description of the brand extensions, including any data that would demonstrate the success of the magazine‚Äôs initiatives;
  • PDF of one issue of the magazine published in 2023 and
  • To include support material (merchandise, special issues, books, etc.), please upload either a PDF or JPEG of the product.
Best Magazine (Category 17)

Please upload:

  • PDF of the cover of any issue published in 2023;
  • PDF of a presentation letter (maximum 1,000 words) introducing the jury to the publication that includes the editorial mandate and an outline of your magazine‚Äôs achievements for 2023;
  • Two (2) PDFs of issues from 2023.
Best B2B Podcast (Category 18)

Honours the podcast series that best serves its intended audience. The originality of the theme and the quality of production will be judged, as well as creative use of the podcasting or audio medium. Submissions may consist of up to three (3) episodes.

Best Online Video (Category 19)

Honours creative excellence in the production of a video by a B2B publication of any length. This category rewards: Reporter(s); Video Producer(s); Video Editor(s); Videographer(s); Director(s); Other Contributor(s).

B2B Leadership Award (Category 20)

Entries for the B2B Leadership Award consist of a cover letter indicating the candidate‚Äôs name, title, and a summary of their career achievements, including links to or examples of their work, as well as at least two supporting letters from other individuals. The entire submission should consist of a single PDF file, not more than 10 pages in length. The deadline for entries for this award is March 1, 2024. Entries submitted after the online submission deadline (January 17, 2024) must be emailed to staff@magazine-awards.com.

Best Editorial Newsletter (Category 21)

Please upload a brief statement (maximum 500 words) that:

  • A) introduces the publication to the jury;
  • B) articulates the publication‚Äôs strategy for newsletters;
  • C) provides context for the development and deployment of the emails; and
  • D) comments on the impact of the newsletter.
  • Submit URLs to three newsletters to be evaluated.