National Magazine Awards: B2B


The NMAF is thrilled to announce the program for 2019’s inaugural National Magazine Awards: B2B. Honouring the best in Canadian business-to-business publishing, the NMA: B2B awards will be open for entries January 3, 2019.

Awards in 19 categories will recognize the work of individual creators and editorial teams, with $500 cash prizes for Gold winners in creator-focused categories, which range from best profile to best illustration. Read about all the categories here.

Many thanks to the members of our steering committee for helping the NMA: B2B awards come to life:

  • Kristin Doucet, Managing Editor, Professionally Speaking
  • Colin Leslie, Editor-in-Chief, The Medical Post
  • Charles DesGroseilliers, Art Director, Les Affaires
  • Ryan Bergen, Editor-in-Chief, CIM Magazine

We’re currently looking for individuals interested in serving on the juries for the NMA: B2B awards, as well as the upcoming National Magazine Awards and Digital Publishing Awards. Information about the judging process can be found here, or get in touch with us at