Promote Your Award

Gold, Silver, and Honourable Mention Awards Seals

Promote your National Magazine Award: B2B with our official Finalists’ and Winners’ seals. Celebrate your achievement by putting these seals on your covers, promotional material, and website.

Like the NMAF, Canadian readers look for great Canadian content. That’s why we are offering the National Magazine Awards: B2B Winner/Finalist Seals for Gold and Silver award winners and Finalists. We encourage award-winning creators and publications to help create greater awareness of the prestige and honour that comes with winning a National Magazine Award: B2B.

Place the seal on your publication’s cover, contents page, or website, to announce your accomplishments, remind your current readers, funders and advertisers of your magazine’s success, and entice new readers to the award-winning content within your magazine.

Download the 2023 NMA: B2B Seals: