Entry fees are $135 each plus HST. The early bird fee is $125 each plus HST. 

The Early Bird rate offer ends on January 11, 2024, and the final online submission deadline is January 17, 2024.

Awards Presented to the Creator (with a $500 cash prize)

1. Best Column or Regularly Featured Department

Three examples of a single, regularly appearing department or column from three different issues.

2. Best Profile of a Company

Any article offering readers insight into the operational practices of a company, organization or trade/professional group.

3. Best Profile of a Person

Any article offering readers insight into the leadership of an individual who has made an impact in his/her company, industry, trade or profession.

4. Best Feature Article: Trade

Any in-depth feature dealing with subjects, events or developments of importance to a trade publication’s readers and industry.

5. Best Feature Article: Professional

Any in-depth feature dealing with subjects, events or developments of importance to a professional publication’s readers and industry.

6. Best News Coverage

Any article offering readers timely information and background of an important news event affecting the marketplace served by the publication.

7. Best How-To Article or Series of Articles

Any article informing readers how to do their jobs better, more efficiently or more productively.

8. Best Series of Articles

Any collection of articles (maximum 3) on a single related topic or subject.

9. Best Photograph

Any original photograph by a Canadian photographer, commissioned by the publication.

10. Best Illustration

Any original illustration or series of illustrations accompanying a single article (including cover, photo and spot illustration) by a Canadian illustrator, commissioned by the publication.

11. NEW! Best Online-Only Feature

Any digital article, project, or concept that leverages technology and/or design (graphics, video, audio, interactive reports, etc.) to enhance the storytelling, audience engagement, and/or reader experience.

Awards Presented to the Magazines (no cash prizes)

12. Best Editorial

Any specific editorial or a series of editorials (maximum 3) on the same topic. An editorial is a column or short article that expresses the opinion of the publication carrying it.

13. NEW! Best Special Report

Any report on any B2B topics, featuring a trade or professional magazine’s independent industry research and editorial analysis.

14. Best Art Direction: Single Article or Opening Spread

Art direction of an opening spread or complete feature.

15. NEW! Best Topical Feature: Climate Change

Any article with an emphasis on climate change and its impacts in any field, trade, or profession.

16. NEW! Best DEI Reporting

Any article with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in any field, trade, or profession.

17. Best Cover

Any single publication cover.

18. Best Art Direction of a Complete Issue

Art direction of a complete issue.

19. Best Podcast

Honours the podcast series that best serves its intended trade or professional audience. The originality of the theme and the quality of production will be judged, as well as creative use of the podcasting or audio medium. Upload a JPG or PNG visual representation of your entry. Submissions may consist of links to up to three (3) episodes.

20. Best Online Video

Honours creative excellence in the production of a video by a B2B publication of any length. This category rewards: Reporter(s); Video Producer(s); Video Editor(s); Videographer(s); Director(s); Other Contributor(s).

21. Best Editorial Newsletter

Honours the outstanding work of an individual or editorial team in creating original and engaging content via a regular email series that best serves its intended trade or professional audience. Editorial elements may include but are not limited to text, audio, photographs, illustrations, infographics, and visual elements. Newsletters must be designed specifically for the email platform. They should feature original content and not simply a reproduction of the publication’s website.

22. NEW! Best Editorial Package

An outstanding collection of articles and content on a related theme in a single issue, which reflects collaboration by writers, editors, art directors and/or visual creators. Elements may include, but are not limited to, annotations, illustrations, photography, sidebars, infographics and captions. Entries may consist of a series of print and/or online related feature articles and content packaged together, or an entire special or thematic issue.

23. Best Issue

The best overall issue of a publication in terms of the impact and usefulness relative to its editorial mandate. This award is open to any regularly produced issue as well as thematic and anniversary issues and SIPs. The intent is to reward general excellence by the entire editorial team in production of a single issue.

24. NEW! Best Website

A website that excels in content, user experience, design, engagement, innovation, technical performance, accessibility, and demonstrates a positive impact on its target professional audience and the publication’s objectives.

25. NEW! Best Brand

This award goes to the brand that best delivers on their editorial mandate through more than two platforms, which may include, in addition to a print or digital magazine: websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, special projects/issues, podcasts, events, webinars, sponsored initiatives or other forms of audience engagement. Entries will be evaluated on how clearly it aligns its editorial mission with editorial excellence, presentation, service to readers, and innovation.

26. Best Magazine

This award will go to the publication that displays overall excellence in content and design, and that most consistently mirrors its mandate/mission (as published in the media kit) and most effectively engages and serves the needs of its readers.

27. B2B Leadership Award

This award recognizes outstanding career achievement, contributions to the industry, and overall leadership of a member of the Canadian B2B media industry. This award is open to anyone working in the B2B publishing industry: journalist, writers, creators, editors, publishers, art directors, circulation experts, marketing, sales and promotion professionals, production managers. The entry fee for this award is only $25 and the deadline to nominate someone is March 1, 2024.